August 7th

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – I Hear The Symphony

Crazy Ken Band – Tomei Kosoku

The style Council – Luck

Tommy Guerrero – La Califas Perdido

Set In Sand – Nothing Against The Ocean


Buffalo Daughter – Dr. Mooooooooooooooog

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Sonic Youth – Herinneringen

Magwai – Emergency Trap

Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Bridge – Butterfly


Tokyo Jihen – Shuraba

Saint Etienne – Join Our Club

Bridges and Powerlines – The Ghost Types

Flying – One-Eyed Sun


Air – Alone In Kyoto

Carlton and The Shoes – Love to Share

Dreams Come True – Sing or Die

Jon Cleary – When You Get Back

Dreams Come True – Merry Me?


Towa Tei -Happy

Lauryn Hill – Zion

Ego Wrappin’ – Ashinaga no Salvador


Ink Blot – Every Day For Just A Moment

Boy In Static – First Love

The Everyday Fields – Leaving Today

Stereo Lab – Vodiak

Buffalo Daughter – Jerryfish Blues


Broken Social Scene – Anthem For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl


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