August 21st

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – Happy Sad

Tommy Guerrero – La Califas Perdido

The Brokenmusicbox – Undercover


Mayumi Kojima – Cecile Cut Blues

Jacquline Taibe – 7AM

Buffalo Daughter – Dr. Moog

Super Car – Flicker

The Books – Take Time

Flu-Flu – AM 5:00


Incognito – Black Rain

Sigur Ros – með blóðnasir

Stars – My Favorite books


Mogwai – Rage : Man

Towatei – Luv Connection

Monday Michiru – Loving You

Saint Etienne – Artieripp

Suziki Hiroshi & His Hippie Cats – 125 St. 7th Ave.

Ego Wrappin’ – Katsute

Sake Rock – Inst-Band

Stereo Lab – Chemical Chords

Sake Rock – Chikaku


Carlton and The Shoes – Give Me Little More


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