October 23rd.

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – Such a Beautiful Girl Like You

Bonnie Pink – Forget Me Not


Mark Mothersbaugh – Nick & Norah’s Theme

Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute

Happy End – Kae Wo Atsumete

Air – We Can Sing A Song


April March & Los Cincos – Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

The Avett Brothers – Sweptaway (sentimental Version)

El Laurie – Julia

Joni Michel – My Old Man

Bjork – pad sest ekki sae tari mey


Talkdemonic – Ahundred Faces In The Neon Forest

Mogwai – Yes! I am a long way from home


Prince – Purple Rain

Oasis – I’m otta time

Sangamon – The right way


Brazilian Girls – don’t’s stop

Thenewno2 – another john doe

Radiohead – stop whispering


Thurston moore – free noise among friends

Buffalo daughter – moog stone

Flim – this is a lush life

E*Rock – plastic guitar

Inkblot – even now with these robot arms

f.s.blumm & bikinikrakor – squinting quirrel


Barbara – si la phesles erf bonne

Chonles Jenet – Le selel et la lune

Swegw Gaislourey – la jananoise

Chanles jenet – doece france

Air – carpet music


Boards of Canada – 1969


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