December 11th.

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – La Guerre Est Finie


The Style Council – Shout To The Top

Talking Heads – This Must Be A Place

David Byrne – deep Water


Bjork – Luktar-Gvendur

Rufus Wainwright – Natasha

Weezer – Butterfly

Joni Michelle – Blue

Suzanna Vega – Tom’s Diner

Bjork – Innocence

Sigur Ros – Sæglópur


Early Beat – Back & Forth

Built To Spill – Strange

Blackblack – Skulls

Lemuria – Dog

Thurston Moore – Fri/End

Qurulli – Bara No Hana


Bjork – Joga

Boards of Canada – Dandelion

Dreams Come True – Sing or Die

Angelika Koehlermann – I Find You Again

Sack & Blumm – Elefrozoo

Lauryn Hill – Love

Thurston Moore – Free Noise Among Friends

Mogwai – Daphne and The Brain


Ektison – Gemini Disco

The Books – I Never Changes To Stop

E*Rock – Plastic Guitar

Inkblot – As If There Was Reason To Our Chatter

Mochipet – The Shanghai Shuffle

Bjork – Það sést ekki sætari mey


The Style Council – My Ever Changing Mood


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