February 19th.

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – Such a Beautiful Girl Like You


RS 2 Solid Sound w/ Waychill Saffire – Brazillian Hotness

– 2:22

RS 2 Solid Sound – Rosie

RS 2 Solid Sound w/ Tommy Guerrero – Grey Killed Degital


Buffalo Daugther – No Tokyo

POLYSICS – Poluy-Farm

Pizzicato Five – The World Is Spinning at 45 PRM


Te – Hito ha Tanin no Hukou niha Jubun Taerareru dake no Tsuyosa wo “Mo”  tte iru.

Buffalo Daugther – Dr. Moog

Yuri Mikaku – Suteki Hoshi no Sanpo ha Suteki

The Pastels – Clash


Cornelius – Drop

Tortoise – It’s All Around You

The Books – All Bad Ends All

Sweet Trip – International


George Sarah w/ Monique Powell – Emo

Boards of Canada – Beware The Friendly Stranger

– Gyroscope

Fol Chen – The Belivers

George Sarah w/ Erika Lulakwa – Moja Bila Moja

Ekit Son – Gemini disco

Best of Boston – Grace Period

Supersprite – Circular

:Dz: – I Don’t Understand. Do I Say The Right Words?

E*Rock – Plastic Guitar

F.S. Blumm & Bikini Krakor – Squinting Squirrel

Lineland – Antique Woman

Adlib – Hoffnung

E*Vax – How We Do


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