March 19th.

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – Such a Beautiful Girl Like You


Sugar Cube – Birthday

Bjork – Luktar – Guvendur

Sugar Cube – Birthday (icelandic)


Buffalo Daughter – Dr. Mooooooooooog

Sack & Blumm – Elefrozoo

Mirah/ Ginger Takahashi – The Knife Thrower

– The Party

Angelika Koehlermann – My Real Name

– Souvenior

Soinc Youth & Yoko Ono – Voice Piece For Soprano

Bjork – Brester Og Brak

Sonic Youth & Pauline Oliveros – Six For New Time


Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

Buffalo Daughter – No Tokyo

The Books – Tokyo

Buffalo Daughter – Down Sea

Angelika Koehlermann – Krokadiu

Buffalo Daughter – Jellyfish Bluce

Dreams Come True – Sing or Die

Buffalo Daughter – irport Rock

Mirah/Ginger Takahashi – Plink Plink Plink

Buffalo Daughter – Great Five Lakes

Angelika Koehlermann – Felix


Devo – Gut Feeling

The Unicorns – I Was Born (a unicorn)

Bomb The Music Industry! – I Don’t Love You Anymore

Billy Bragg – A New England

Husker Du – Chartered Trips

Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer


Toys That Kill – Blanket

Dillinger Four – Noble Stabbings

Jawbreaker – Jinx Removing

Track Star – These Horses Carry Blood


Lemuria – Pants

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Dial Up


Holidays – Your World


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  1. Thanks for letting me join your show last night! NIIIICE!

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