June 18th.

Today’s Coco.

Pizzicato Five – Such a Beautiful Girl Like You

David Knight – Black Star (Radiohead Cover)

The Books – Smells Like Contents

Sigur Ros – Svefn g Englar


Fishmans – Night Cruising

Pe’z – Snow In The Sea

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada – Coconut Rock

– El Diablo Y El Nau Nau


Shinobu – Teachers Get Tired

Sonic Youth – Leaky Lifeboat

Mika Miko – Totion

Kofy Brown Band – Skinny and Tight

The Curious Mystery – Wrong Way


David Knight – Back Away

Panthelion – Blue at Midnight at San Pedoro Theater 9/26/08

Sigur Ros – Baba

– Ti ki

The Books – It Never Changes To Stop

Acyalone – Forward

Angelika Koehlermann – Felix

Sack & Blumm – Elefrozoo

Angelika Koehlermann – I Find You Again

Mirah & Ginger Takahashi – Pink Pink Pink

– Broken Mirah

Inkblot – Day Of The System Builders

Mirah & Ginger Takahashi – Pure

Inkblot – I Thought I Was Someone Else

Simon Lott’s Things – Get Your Ish Together

– Brontosaurus


Sachiko M & Otomo Yoshihide – Filament



6/19/09 (fri)

The High Seas, JF Holmes,  Manigator and Mike Huguenor @ Cafe Trieste in Downtown SJ, 8pm


Circle-A Skateboard presents Black Label Video Premier “God Save The Label” @ The Blank, 9pm

6/23/09 (tue)
Ambience, David Knight and The Moonlight Orchestra @ Cafe Du Nord, 8pm

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