August 13th

Pizzicato Five – Concerto

The Mumlers – Shake That Medication

Flipper – Brainwash

Breafast – Goldfish

Kyu Sakamoto – Ue wo Muite Aruko

Fishmans – Night Cruising

Melt-Banana – Shield For Your Eyes, A Brast In The Well On Your Band

Polysics – XCT

Melt-Banana – Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold

Devo – Too Much Paranoias

– Gut Feeling

– Come Back Jonee

– Sloppy

Kraftwerk – Dentaku

Buffalo Daughter – Sky High

– Down Sea

Jonathan Richman – He Gave Us The Wine To Taste

Akiko Wada – Doshaburi no Ame no Shitade

Jonathan Richman – Sunday Afternoon

Akiko Wada – Tiger and Dragon

Grace Jones – Breakdown

Boredoms – Anarchy In The Ukk

Borris – Power Sun Rain

New Yound Pony Club – Hiding On The Staircase

Pizzicato Five – Yoru wo Buttobase

Tommy Guerrero & Mark Gonz – Hello

Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2 – Yeppers

The Exploding Hearts – Anyone’s In Town

Soapland Momiyama – Chocolate ha Meiji

Hi-Standard – Elvis’s Cover

Gagaga SP – Hitoribocchi no Sekai

Goingsteady – Gingatetsudou no Yoru

Jessica Lea Mayfield – White Lie

Asobi Sekusu – I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me

Minor Threat – Good Guys (Wears White)


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